What do I offer?

1.  Babywearing Consultant of Die Trageschule®

What suites me? Wrap or carrier? Which one?

Have you heard and learned about babywearing and you wish to carry your baby but you´re not sure what to choose? What size of wrap is the right for you? Which blend and weave? How do I care about the wrap? How do I store and wash it? How offen?

Should I rather try a baby carrier? Which one works for me? What is the deference? Well, if you´re not sure, let me guide you, let you try some of them and find togehter, what is the best for you and your child.

Babywearing of a Premature Baby

Premature babies are offen in more need of the contact with his/hers mother and father. There´s no better place for your premmie then your chest, where your baby can feel you. Babywearing literally helps your baby to mature and adapt on the new environment.

There´s no need to be afraid to wear a tiny baby. The handling and movements may need to be carefull becuase of the tiny and not so strong yet body, but ones inside a wrap or mei tai (I wouldn´t recommand fullbuckel carrier for premmies as they are in general not as adjustable as wrap or a mei tai), your baby will feel comfortable and secure.

I´m aducated to help parents with their tiny babies as well. Let me show you how to wrap your baby and get confident doing so alone. You and yor baby will benefit from babywearing for very long time.

Individual Babywearing Consultation

As Babywearing Consultant of Die Trageschule® I can offer you my consult, advice and support in case you wish to learn about babywearing which includes Baby Sling and Baby Carriers. I´m happy to show you and discuss about Knots, Hip Carry, Front Carry, Back Carry, Short Sling, Ring Sling, Long Sling, Evaluation and Use of Ergonomic Baby Carriers as much as Psychological, Emotional and Physiological Aspects of Babywearing.

Pregnancy belly wrapping

Baby sling can be used to support the back and whole body, which is during the pregnancy naturally changing and preparing for the birth. Not every woman has her pregnancy painfree. There are wonderfull ways how to wrap your belly and skeleton, to avoid pelvic floor complications and help you feel better and more cheerfull. I will teach you 6 ways how to wrap your body during the this beautifull time while carrying your baby under your heart.

Wraps and carriers for RENT or SALE

If you wish, you may rent or even buy a wrap from my stash. I´ve some wraps and carriers for this purpose. If you want to have more time to practice with a wrap, try out, how does a wrap (blends, lenght and types make quite a difference) works for you or find the right for you without buying it (well, babywearing items might be expensive).

Wise choice would be renting a wrap from me in case of wearing a premature baby (a narrow soft wrap works better as you don´t require that much material, the regular wraps might be weigh to large - when your baby grows a little, you just return the narrow wrap to me and switch to a regular one without buying it. For this case I´d recommand a wrap with bamboo viskose, as they ´re very soft and easy to tie).

Another example for renting a wrap is pregnancy belly wrapping - in this case is a long wrap of size 7 or even 8 recommneded. Such a long wrap you usually don´t use for babywearing (you may of course, if you wish! -size 7 is a great choice for complicated double hammock finnishes or another multilayer carry). After your pregnancy comes to its end, you simply return the long wrap to me and start using one in the size of your choice ( mostly it ´s size 6 but there are great many carries for size 3 or 4 as well).

You don´t wear your child so ofen anymore but wish to spend some time in mountain or another difficult terrain, so just rent a carrier from me, which halp you spend less money and sove some for family holidays.

Renting fees depend on chosen wrap or carrier. The actuall stash of supplies you can find on my facebook page in album Wraps and carriers for rent or sale under this link:


2. Cloth Diapers Consultant certfied by Stoffwindelexperten®

Babyskin friendly, environment friedly, family budget firendly.... the great alternative to disposable diapers which has to be thrown away after each use, build hills of undegradable waste, costs a lot money and irritate the smooth and sensitive baby skin.

There´re many systems, combinations, producers and ways of using cloth diapers, which I´m happy to explain, show and let you touch and try. We can talk about the pros and contras, find the right solution for you and your budget.

Photo by Stoffwindelexperten.de

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