How much does it cost?

Please note that babywering, belly wrapping and cloth diapers consultations might require different time which means also price of my services. It is very indivual how much time dou you actually need for a consultation and I´m happy to spend as much as you need. You should feel confident and content after a session with me without looking on the clock. There´s a list of usual consultations and how long it might take. Every consulatations will flow on your and terms and desires.

However I charge €15 / 30 min

After a session you might contact me with any question and feedback. I even ask for it - to be sure you benefit from our time together.

Babywearing Consultation for Beginners

60 - 90 min

First look on babywearing and its benefits. We can find together what suits you and your baby the most. I´ll let you try different baby slings and ergonomic carriers and teach you how to use them.

The Right Choice for You

60 - 90 min

Let me offer you my consult before you buy a baby wrap or/and a baby carrier. Which one works better for me? There´re quiet many on the market and it might be confusion, which one is the right for you.

Wrap Techniques

60 - 120 min

Baby wraps can be used from birth to pre-school. Front, hip and back carries - here´re the right ways for you! Let me show you how to use the baby wrap correctly, find the right ways togehter and enjoy the babywearing on maximum.

Baby Carrier Usage

30 - 90 min

As easy at it seems - using an ergonomic baby carrier properly might reguire a little experiences to be sure you´re doing it right. Back carry more then other ways. Let us try it together first.

Pregnancy Belly Wrapping by FTZB

90 - 120 min

Let me show you 6 ways how to wrap your belly and skeleton, which helps you to avoid back and hips pain as well as problems with pelvic floor. You´ll feel better and enjoy your pregnancy even more.

Babywearing of a Premature Baby

60 - 120 min

Premature babies ar offen in even more need of contact with their parents. To have your baby close to you and let her / him to get stronger and mature on your belly works like small miracle. Let me teach you how to use baby sling for your premmie and explain the benefits of such.

Back Carry (Wrap or/and Carrier)

30 - 60 min

Your baby has grown big enough to be carried on your back but you´re not sure how to manage that? Let me help you find the most suitable way together. There´re many possibilities I´m happy to show.

Hip Carry (Wrap or/and Carrier)

30 - 60 min

Approx. from 4 month of age begin babies to be more curious about the world around. Hip carries are great way for curious babies, because they allow them to see better around them. Lets try some out!

Wraps and Carriers for rent

You may rent or even buy a wrap from my stash. I´ve some wraps and carriers for this purpose.

Renting fees depend on chosen wrap or carrier. The actuall stash of supplies you can find on my facebook page in album Wraps and carriers for rent or sale (click to connect).

from 10 € / 2 weeks

Cloth Diapers Consultation

90 - 120 min

Cloth Diapers as an alternative to disposable diapers are baby skin friendly, environment freindly and family budget friendly.

How does it work, which system is the best choice for you, how many do you need, how do you wash, store and take care of them? We´ll find answers together, try and touch as many as you wish.

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