About me

My education to babywearing consultant....

In January 2017 started my education at "Die Trageschule®". I´ve already completed the "Basic Course", which allows me to individual consult, advice and support parents (or other persons) about babywearing: Knots, Hip Carry, Front Carry, Back Carry, Short Sling, Ring Sling, Long Sling, Evaluation and Use of Ergonomic Baby Carriers as much as Psychological, Emotional and Physiological Aspects of Babywearing.

March 2017 I attended in Graz on a workshop "Bindeweisen für Schwangere nach FTZB" which teached me spacial ways of wrapping a pregnancy belly, which helps the mother to be to avoid back and hipps and to prevent problems with pelvic floor, more info you can find here.

Second but not less interessting workshop in March 2017 this time in Salzburg was "Tragen von Frühgeborenen" - babywearing of premature babies, which allowes me to teach parents how to use baby sling for premmies and explain the benefits of such. For more info cklick here.

Until the End of 2017 I´m going to become a certified babywearing consultant. Then I´m going to keep learning! :-)

Who am I actually....

My name is Nela (* 1985), I live currently in Hallein near Salzburg (Austria)  and as it offen happens, I´ve many roles in my life. In Janury 2016 I became a mother, which changed my world completly. I was searching for right ways how to manage every day with a child and even enjoy it. What have I found? That there is no better recepy then follow your instincts and do whatever feels right

Which for me and my husband is Attachement Parenting. That´s how I discovered Babywearing in first place. When my doughter came to this world, we fell in love with babywearing and I´m not afraid to say even an obsession. So I desided to become a Babywearing Consultant to be able to spread my love and passion to those who wish to discover and share it with me.

As much as babywearing and beeing a mom keeps me busy, I like to spend time with other activities as well.

I consider myself a journalist, a photografer, a blogger, a painter, a cook, a designer, a sewer and a occasional inventor.

Little something about me:

  • * 1985 Brno, Czech Republik
  • 2010 Masaryk University - Journalism, Communication and Environmetal Studies
  • since 2008 in Switzerland or Austria living
  • since 2014 married, since 2016 a mother
  • English, German, Italian, Czech, Slovak and some French speeking
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